Episode 52: Ukraine War and Americans’ Responsibilities

March 13, 2022

The Ukraine War as an intervention, unification, inspiration, and revelation of characters, both personal and national

My older son has been serving in the US military for about 7 years. As soon as the Ukraine War broke out three weeks ago, he was deployed to a NATO country in Europe. Moments before he boarded the military plane, I said to him: “ My son, thank you for your service.” He was a little surprised to hear this from me, and I said: “In your own small ways, you are defending democracy, freedom, and our way of life.”

I don’t know about you, but for me, after watching on TV the heart-breaking human suffering and devastation in Ukraine, I started to view my daily routines with a new appreciation. I realized that what I took for granted could be taken away, like what happened overnight to the suffering Ukrainians. What was a mundane daily routine three weeks ago now seems like privilege, - things like taking a walk and watching people walking their dogs or pushing strollers, even doing dishes in my kitchen that was not torn apart or bombed to rubbles, and sleeping in my own warm bed instead of the cold floor in a bunker… 

Seeing the heroic Ukrainians who would rather die to keep their freedom and their fledgling democracy, this war has awakened our consciousness about the evil of authoritarianism.

As we witness the tragic loss of lives, smoldering rubble, destroyed cities, and millions of refugees, nothing is more agonizing than the feeling that one can do nothing, other than watching peaceful and innocent people suffer, while evil and violence is being brutally perpetrated. 

Like many of you, I want to do whatever is within my power to help Ukraine. Doing something, anything helps ease my own feelings of helplessness and agony, and puts my conscience at peace. So I have donated a sizable amount of money to NovaUkraine.org.

We cannot take our democracy for granted. If you don’t have the financial resources to donate any amount, each and every one of us can at least do this: improve our OWN democracy, restore America as the beacon of hope and light, and strive for a more perfect union. By exercising and participating constructively in our democracy, by being good citizens, and by building a stronger American democracy, we are sending hopeful messages to the world that those who gave their lives for freedom and democracy did not make the ultimate sacrifice in vain.  

Please listen to the entire 10-minute podcast that also covered the following:

- The war has united & inspired Americans & all democracies globally

- We all shoulder the responsibility to protect , defend, and improve our democracy

- A stress test of individuals, leaders, and the free world

- “Stand for Something” - individually and nationally


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