Episode 51: Joanne Z. Tan Interviews Jonathan Leidy on Building Young Men Mentally, Emotionally, Physically - _Interviews of Notables & Influencers

March 4, 2022

Joanne Z Tan, CEO of 10 Plus Brand interviews Jonathan Leidy about Young Men's Ultimate Weekend that helps teenage boys grow mentally, emotionally, physically.


Joanne Tan:

"In addition to "Interviews of Notables and Influencers", I also interview ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Today Jonathan Leidy is one of those unsung heroes. He is an ordinary person doing extraordinary things."

"One Sunday evening I was watching TV while doing dishes. And then there came Lisa ling, "This is Life". And I heard in the background, "here is 'Pork Chop'". And as soon as the so-called "Pork Chop" started to talk,... I know that voice, that's Jonathan Leidy! Okay, great job, "Pork Chop". And then Lisa Ling described what this camp is all about. And the more I listened to it, the more I felt like, wow, this is great, from my perspective of a mother to two young men, knowing their struggles, and also as a humbly-learning-parent-for-life. And also seeing this school shooting, and mass shooting, and all perpetuated by young men, I really feel compelled to invite Jonathan on my podcast. And thank you, Jonathan, for this honor and privilege."

(Jonathan Leidy:)

"...So it gives everybody the opportunity to get outdoors to break up in teams, to lead teams, to go through physical and emotional challenges. And all of that is really under the guise of, I think, above all else, getting young men interacting with one another, and really understanding what makes each other tick, and really starting to relate to one another on a level that's much deeper than they might do today, you know, just over the computer somewhere..."


(About 10 Plus Brand: In addition to the “whole 10 yards” of brand building, digital marketing, and content creation for business and personal brands, 10 Plus Brand Inc. also does NFT branding for Web3 Metaverse. To contact us: 1-888-288-4533.)


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