Episode 49: Super Bowl 2022 Best 3 TV Commercials

February 12, 2022

This year, something peculiar happened-- previous years’ super bowl ads were all released weeks or days before the big game; this year, only about 35% of the ads have been pre-released two weeks before the game date on Feb. 13, 2022, and as of before the 56th Super Bowl, about 80% of commercials were released on the internet.

Was it because companies are afraid of not making it to our top 3 best Super Bowl list? If that’s the case, we are very flattered. But forcing people to watch poorly made ads will make your captive audience more resentful of your brand. Our sole purpose for ranking Super Bowl ads is to up YOUR game of making better commercials that truly CONNECT with people without flashy gimmicks. 

Bravo to the 80% brands that have pre released their Super Bowl ads ahead of the big game!

Post game update: What a game! We stand by our prior picks, since no other ads were better than our top 3. What we picked previously are the finalists in the original order.

Our criteria for judging the best three super bowl Ads

We stick to the same criteria for the best ads, year after year:

  1. NO CELEBRITIES in the ad,
  2. No vulgarity, partisanship, bad taste and
  3. The brand’s message comes across clearly and artistically with originality & integrity.

And the 1st place winner is.... 

- To read it as a blog

- To watch it as a video


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