Episode 50: The Great Resignation - Quit Job? Change Career? What’s Next?

March 1, 2022

Since the pandemic began in 2020, almost half a million (and counting) people are quitting jobs in the Great Resignation, for more fulfilling career opportunities. Some are thinking of starting their own businesses, some are switching companies, while companies are trying to keep talents.

What mindset, skills, disciplines and lifestyles do you need, if you are thinking of leaving your current workplace? 

What do business leaders need to prepare themselves for this Great Resignation and the ensuing Great Reshuffle?

Joanne Z. Tan, a brand builder & marketer and Rachel Burr, a leadership coach did a live presentation on social media, addressing various practical and fundamental aspects related to the above.

Whether you want to stay in your current career, or are leaving it, you will find many great nuggets from this talk.

Joanne Z. Tan Interviews Rachel Burr on the Great Resignation - Interviews of Notables & Influencers 

In addition to the “whole 10 yards” of brand building, digital marketing, and content creation for business and personal brands, 10 Plus Brand Inc. also does NFT branding for Web3 Metaverse. To contact us: 1-888-288-4533.

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